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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Dear CapitolOne- Please Stop!

Attention, Mr P. Taylor Jamison

Sir, your exciting offer for a new CapitolOne Visa Platinum card is very kind and I appreciate that you appreciate my business from my current Visa cards.


I mean it, dammit! Your junk mail invitations to apply online or by telephone and have a new Visa credit card in 60 seconds or less are the single biggest contributor to my junk mail pile! No kidding, I'm getting no less than 3 offers every week in my mail box, 2 for me and 1 for my spouse. Before Christmas, from Thanksgiving on, I think the quantity was no less than twice that amount and all from CapitolOne.

STOP SENDING YOUR WORTHLESS MAIL! I got it already that you want me to go further into debt with your company's name on it, but give the mailman a break, won't you? Save your company all the printing costs and postage that is going straight into my recycle bin. I don't want any more credit cards!

I don't believe that if I called for my new credit card that I would really get one and the two I have already are just fine, thank you very much. If you want to show me some real appreciation, just consider raising my credit limit on one of my cards by two hundred bucks. I really doubt that you'll do that either, which only proves my point about the continued and continual promise of more cards which flood my mailbox.

What a hassle. I understand it, from a business POV, but from my personal POV, CapitolOne's incessant junk mailings are just too much. Completely over the top with the repetitiveness and false promise. I was keeping count of the number of invites that arrived, it was up beyond 30 when I lost count. If I had requested a card from each invite, how many to you think this lameass company would have issued to me before cutting me off?

"What's in your wallet?" Hell, I would need a backpack to carry all the plastic if I would have responded to and received a card from each of their offers !

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